Nikki Parkinson recommends Female For Life activewear

Nikki Parkinson from Styling You loves Female For Life

Any brand can write some reviews from "customers" so how do you know they are authentic? Well, that's an easy one.... you ask the professionals. Nikki Parkinson from Styling You is the ultimate guru on all things fashion and trendy. She offer an online styling program, has written books and is the top blogger in Australia giving advice of what to wear and how to wear it.

Nikki was an early lover of Female For Life Activewear and has been wearing and talking about our gear for years now (even before people wore their activewear to drink their cappucino's!) She has worn our gear through her personal health challenges and has relaxed in it at luxury health retreats, but enough from us, what has Nikki got to say...

Nikki's tips on ...

Credit - Nikki PArkinson from Styling YouHow to choose activewear for any size or shape

"It was the fact that this store doesn’t stop its collection at size 14 (they offer sizing from 6-24 making them very much an inclusive activewear label) that drew me in but it was the quality and the fit of the products that have seen me “add to cart” since."

"There is nothing more frustrating that going for a walk and constantly having to de-wedge your pants, or pull them up. Or both. I don’t suffer from either when wearing my Female for Life pants."

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"I’m more than a little in love with these two pieces. Can you see why? The pants are like streamlined fancy trackies. There’s a little bit of harem going on but not so much that my hips take on a Google map position of their own. The top works as it has a drawstring at the bottom that you can tie as tight or as loose as you want. Winning. I love the range available at Female For Life – sizing is described as anything from “petite” through to “bella” (I’m wearing “curvy”), a breath of fresh air really for anyone above a size 14 who’s ever wanted to buy and wear good looking exercise gear." - wearing our Lounge Pant

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Tip # 7: "Treat yourself to new exercise gear. Like drinking your lime and soda out of a nice glass, wearing active wear that makes you feel good, motivates you to stay on track. I love being a brand ambassador for Female for Life because it’s an inclusive range (size 6 to 24), the quality is amazing (I was a customer before I was asked to be an ambassador and those early pieces are still going strong) and they are comfortable, breathable and supportive to wear while working out. Most of the pieces featured in this post are from Female for Life’s new collection. "

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"I love that Female for Life offers a size range of 6-24. I love the quality fabrics that have been used in designs that flatter. I love that the pieces are comfortable to wear. To me this is crucial – you do not want to feel uncomfortable while you are in a downward dog position or powering up a hill. You want to feel amazing in what you’re wearing."

Clearly, Nikki loves our gear - the quality, the cuts and the gorgeous fabrics. So what are you waiting for? Join FFL and exercise your way to health, just like Nikki

All photo credits to Nikki Parkinson from Styling You


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