New Workout Trends

Author: Female For Life | 15 Nov 2011

Varying your exercise is just as good for the body as it is for the mind. It’s easy to get bored and de-motivated if you keep running around the same track.. literally. The same of your body – if you do the same exercise time and time again you aren’t challenging your body and you will find that your results start to diminish over time.

Sometimes varying your exercise can be as simple as changing your run from a flat one to hills. Changing from doing an indoor spin to an outdoor cycle, or moving from Hatha Yoga to Vinyasa Yoga.

For many of us though, we are looking for something new and different to get us excited to get out there.

Here are some new trends in the workout world:

Workout Trend #1

Xtend Barre (Core / Posture) : A barre is a stationary handrail that is used during ballet warm-ups. Xtend Barre is therefore the extensive of pilates to further include ballet principles. It’s tough, high energy and incorporates isometric lengthening exercises.

Workout Trend #2

Aqua Zumba (All round fun): Its Zumba… just in the water. The benefits: less impact on your knees, the same high burning energy, cooler for the summer months. The negatives: you don’t get to laugh at the newcomer falling all over the room.

Workout Trend #3

Stand-up paddle boarding (Abs of steel): You can see them out on the water what looks like effortlessly paddling through the water, but do not be deceived, this workout is hard core. The benefits are however, also hardcore! Abs of steel, toned arms and you can burn up to 850 calories an hour – however you need to be able to do it for an hour J

Workout Trend #4

FreeFORM Board (Core / Posture): These little babies give many of your favourites like the push up a serious ramp up. Made of a circular board on eight double bearing balls, which roll fluidly you really need to engage your core to keep balanced. The boards have been available in yoga and pilates classes for yonks, but they have recently made it into the more mainstream gyms.

Workout Trend #5

Yoga Wall Class (Stretch): This class uses a studio wall fitted with brackets, belts and slings. Essentially you hang off the wall to help you hold your stretch or pose for longer. Using the wall helps you get into your poses easier making it less intimidating for beginners. Definitely worth a go!

Have you recently done a shake up of your workout routine? Have you tried any of these new trends?