Maximise your workout

Author: Female For Life | 25 Oct 2011

One of the most common excuses / barriers to exercise is “I just don’t have enough time”. Early morning exerciseWell the good news is there are heaps of tips to get fit for the time poor.

What’s more, it’s not about how long you exercise for but what you choose do to in that time that will give you the best results.

Abs of steel over abs of jelly:

The reality is that the six pack starts in the kitchen. Diet and improving nutrition is the first way to flatten your stomach down. Avoiding high sugar and high carbohydrate foods that bloat is also a good idea.

From an exercise and “core” perspective swap the crunch for the plank. The plank although a lot tougher (hence a lot more affective) is much easier and simpler to keep your form in. In other words its much easier to ensure you are doing it correctly for longer. You can also ease into the plank starting with your needs down, then up, then on a pilates ball.

Bored with the same routine?

From a psychological perspective routine training (doing the same exercise again and again) can be fairly boring. From a physical perspective your body also gets used to this kind of exercise and you will find that if you continue to for example run 20 minutes every day that the benefits begin to reduce as your body become “sued” to running.

Interval training is a good way to “keep the body guessing”. It also keeps the mind guessing and keeps your interest in the activity.

Neck pain – not again!

Ask any physiotherapist around – it is NOT a good idea to be pushing weights above you head. You can get a similar benefit from using weights and making sure they don’t go above shoulder height. You will still strengthen you arms and triceps and your shoulders will become chiselled (in time).

But you will also be protecting your neck from injury.

So remember to maximise both your time and activities when you exercise.