Kickstart your health / weight loss journey this spring

Author: Female For Life | 20 Aug 2011

Tagged: Exercise, Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Motivation, Positivity

Now that the sun is starting to rise earlier every day and the promise of summer is in the air, it’s time to ditch the winter hibernation for a healthier you. Yeehaw!

Love Exercise. Food may be 80% of it but exercise has so many additional benefits that it would just be simply not to do it. From mental health to reduced stress the advantages are limitlessactivewear friends. You can start small with a 30 min walk 4 times a week and go from there. Regardless plan your exercise so you get it in every week

Build a strong support network. Getting back in shape affects the relationships around you. Ditch the friends that don’t support the healthier you and invest in relationships that support your new healthier lifestyle

Get some sleep. Lack of sleep can increase hunger levels and fat retention. That doesn’t sound too good. There are easy to follow tips to get some great sleep so don’t stress.

Pump up the volume. Listening to music when you exercise can increase your stamina by up to 15% and your performance by up to 20%. So get some great tracks and pump it!

Don’t stop just swap. It’s all too easy to plan to ban certain foods from your diet, but the reality of life is that sometimes we didn’t choose the restaurant! So if you go out for a meal, check out the menu beforehand and make the healthy choice before you arrive

Losing weightStop staring at the scales. We all like to see the numbers dropping but for most of us we lose weight inbetween plateaus. While you are on a weight plateau it can be extremely demotivating to see no movements for weeks on end. So try to limit the scales to once a week and plan for some exercise straight afterwards to keep you on track if the results aren’t what you had hoped for

Positive celebration. Celebrate each of your achievements with positive behaviour and reward. Don’t have a chocolate – go and buy yourself some new workout gear, buy some personal training sessions or pamper yourself with a massage. You deserve it!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Go out and BE YOUR BEST