Keeping motivated when the scales aren't moving

Author: Female For Life | 17 Nov 2011

I think I can safely say that 99% of us have been there. We are eating right, weight plateauwe are exercising but that promise 1kg a week just isn’t come off the scale. So what are you doing wrong and how do you keep motivated to slim down (or up).

Weight Plateau's: 1kg a week depends on the week

The reality is that we have weight plateau’s. What this means is that shifting the scales is far easier in between plateau’s but the minute we hit a plateau it takes a LOT more effort to get past it. So what I recommend is that when you hit a plateau (and you will now you have) make a promise to yourself to consider the following before giving up:

Look at HOW you exercise: Is your strength, stamina or flexibility improving? If not, you are doing something wrong. Consider pushing yourself harder, attending a group fitness training session or if the budget can afford it get a personal trainer to show you where you are going wrong

Look at how MUCH you are exercising: Are you doing enough exercise to get your metabolism going? It takes at least 20-30 minutes to get your metabolism going. Ensure that your training sessions exceed this amount and if you can’t find time in the afternoon, wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning or consider increasing you incidental exercise.

Look at WHAT exercise you are doing: Pilates / Yoga / Xtend Barre and many other strengthening exercise forms are fantastic for the body, but do not burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming, fast paced walking. Ensure you are including multiple forms of exercise into your workout to get all systems going.

Look at what you are putting into your mouth: Are you making the right food choices at the right times of the day? For weight loss it is best to avoid carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread at night, whilst it is the opposite when trying to gain weight.

Exercise can only get you so far, nutrition is not simply about weight management but about overall health and wellbeing. If you are struggling with this, seek professional help, consider going to a nutritionist or a dietician to get you on track.