Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

Author: Female For Life | 01 Mar 2012

The thought of exercise during pregnancy, especially in those last few weeks and months is often the last thing from your mind. But taking the time out from getting the nursery ready to keep your body fit will not only prepare you for childbirth, it will make getting back into shape after the birth, heaps easier.
So not all exercise is appropriate or safe for the pregnant you.
Exercise to do during pregnancy
Yoga: Learning how to breathe properly and relax during labour is essential. Yoga will teach you how to breathe into your pelvic floor and pre-natal classes are becoming more and more popular for moms to meet other expecting moms and prepare their bodies (and minds) for birth.
Walking is useful as no matter what your fitness levels, you always have a few minutes to walk around the block. Walking during pregnancy can be uncomfortable with the body bloated and chafing. Invest in some good quality pregnancy sportswear that you can wear post natal and for your next pregnancy (if you plan to have more). Walk at a slow pace, wearing comfortable supportive shoes.
Swimming: Is excellent, especially during those last stages when you can’t help but feel heavy. The water keeps you light and supports your joints, reducing the risk of injury. Regular swimming will stimulate your cardiovascular system, improve your breathing. Avoid swimming in cold water, take breaks and go at your own pace – you’re going to be a mom – not an Olympian
Pilates and Pelvic Floor Exercises: The pelvic floor is made up of muscle fibres and tissues that are suspended from the pelvic bone and support the bowel, bladder and the uterus (yes all of them). Activating your pelvic floor is therefore vital during pregnancy because the hormones that are released will cause the pelvic floor to relax. Mastering your pelvic floor will make labour more bearable and will also improve your sex life.