Weight Loss Journal

Keeping a Weight Loss Journal

Journaling may seem like a hobby you once did as a teenager, but there are also many benefits to doing it as an adult too. From encouraging mindfulness to developing your EQ, to boosting your memory – writing things down can be a powerful way to achieve your career, romance or health goals.

So when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, keeping an exercise or weight loss journal is one of the best tools you can use. Losing weight isn’t something accomplished without effort, so you may as well utilise all the weight loss tips and tools that you can!

Keeping an exercise or weight loss diary can help in the following ways:

  • It can help us focus. Writing things down has a powerful effect on our brains, stressing the importance of the achievement and kick-starting us into action.
  • It makes things more manageable. By breaking down our goals into manageable chunks, we can see a clear path ahead and are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the process.
  • We see the facts. When we write down exactly what we’re eating, or the amount of exercise we’re doing, we can quickly compare it to our ideal eating plan or exercise regime, and see the discrepancies. For example, you may think you eat quite healthily at mealtimes, but once you start keeping a weight loss or food journal, you may notice that it’s your unhealthy snacking between meals that’s the issue.
  • It tracks progress! How motivating is it for us to see our weight or measurements a month ago and then see how far we’ve come! The same applies to meal plans – you’ll be able to see how what you eat has changed over the weeks and months.
  • It improves our nutrition. Using a weight loss journal is one sure way to improve what we’re putting into our bodies. Also, if you buy a pre-populated journal, you can get ones that come along with inspirational recipes and weight loss tips that can make coming up with an eating plan fun.
  • It provides us with an understanding. Some weight loss journals, like this one from Weight Watchers, ask interesting questions and provide fascinating facts from the experts. This can cause you to think hard about any issues you have with exercise or nutrition, consider your emotional responses and then try and resolve particular issues. It can also inform you of things you may not have understood before, which helps improve your general wellness knowledge.

Keeping a weight loss journal can be one of the handiest tools if you’re looking to slim down, get stronger, improve your diet or lose weight. The best thing is that it’s inexpensive – all you need is a book and a pen – plus it’s not hard to get started. The most important thing is that you’re doing all of this in search of a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Good luck and have fun! Enjoy exploring our massive range of activewear, fitness clothing and plus size gym wear.