How to be in the best shape after pregnancy

Pregnancy, by definition, is a time during which you will gain weight. By the end of it, your life will change forever - and so will your body. But there is no reason you could not look and feel great, and be in good shape, after pregnancy. There are many proactive things you can do to get back in shape after the birth of your baby. But efforts to be in good shape after pregnancy can already start while you are still expecting, and even before you conceive!

Women who are fit and healthy when they get pregnant are more likely to have an uncomplicated pregnancy. The risk of certain complications, like gestational diabetes, can be greatly reduced if you go into your pregnancy being in shape. Most women are do sports or have a work out regime before they get pregnant, and continuing exercises while you are expecting a baby provides many benefits. There is no need to think that you should stop exercising simply because you are pregnant.

Swimming, walking, prenatal yoga, or whatever form of exercise appeals to you,will help you stay in shape while you are pregnant. Not only does an active pregnancy help you recover from childbirth more easily, it can also make you feel better while you are expecting. When you are struggling with more unpleasant pregnancy signs , exercising can come to the rescue. A good work out can make pregnancy fatigue disappear, help with back pain, and get rid of headaches.There is also evidence that women who were physically active during their pregnancies have easier births.

What can you do to lose weight and get back in shape after you had a baby? You might find that most of the weight you gained in pregnancy is gone after you gave birth. Abdominal muscle tone is the biggest problem for most postpartum moms. Eating healthily is important of course, and if you are breastfeeding you burn more calories too. But a great diet and breastfeeding will not do much for your muscles, unfortunately!

With a newborn, it can be hard to find time to exercise. But don't think that means there is no way you can do it! Any physical activity is good for your body, and you don't need to go to an aerobics class to get fit. Be creative, and think out of the box. Here are some easy exercise ideas for moms with new babies:

Avoid the car when you go shopping, and take your baby for walks or jogs in a jogging stroller. You can show your new sprout the world, and get fit all at once!
If there is a mom and baby exercise group in your area, it can be a great way to get in shape, bond with your baby, and meet other news moms.
You can do a simple pilates routine when your baby is asleep. Websites like You Tube have lots of videos that you can use for inspiration.

Tania is a registered nurse who is currently working in the health and fitness field as an aerobics instructor and trainer.

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