How to teach your kids to keep active!

If you have a weight problem it's often hard to give your kids the right tools to make sure they are healthy active adults, here are some tips...
Active parents are more likely to have active children so you play a key role here. The lifestyle choices you make are fundamental to your growing children. Be empowered by the fact that you are their best role model. Children tend to do as you do (and not necessarily as you say!) so the best example you can set is to get fit and exercise yourself and let them see you enjoying it.
Create a supportive home environment and rethink the behaviour and attitude you display towards exercise. If it's in any way negative ("Oh no, the lift is broken, we have to use the stairs"), make it positive instead ("Great, we can walk up the stairs and exercise our muscles") all age appropriate of course. As the experience you have of exercise as a child influences your involvement and/or perception of exercise as an adult, make it fun!
Fit Kid Tips:
  • Gradual change - start small
  • Positive mindset - think active
  • Up the Exercise - make it fun, disguise the effort factor
  • Active Presents - buy active toys for your children
  • Positive Exercise - use exercise/activity as a reward, not a punishment
  • Walk & Talk - make time to walk places with your children
  • All for One - encourage the whole family to be active
  • TV / Computers - restrict screen time and ban it from the bedroom altogether
  • Curb negative messages rethink the way you communicate about exercise and body image
  • Sport - promote positive participation and play down the competitive aspect
With a masters degree, Martha is an exercise scientist, university lecturer, scientific adviser, fitness editor, author and proud mother of her own fit kids. Martha;s career has taken her all around the world and she is without a doubt one of the leading experts in South Hemisphere.
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