Want to get your man to exercise with you?

Exercising with your partner is great as it means quality time spent together that's good for both of you. But as everyone is different, here are a few general tips to consider before getting started:
- If you are both new to exercise, choose an activity that you both can enjoy and one where you are both at a similar level. It's not about trying to outdo the other, it's about keeping it fun - for both of you!
- If you are the active one, you will have more success at getting your partner to join you if you consider their needs (more than your own) when choosing an activity. And remember to go easy on the unsolicited exercise advice he is not looking for a personal trainer in you!
- If you each have very different ideas about exercise - i.e he prefers weights and you prefer cardio - then compromise and try something like circuit training which combines the two.
- Try to match your personalities and interests to your chosen activity - eg if you love being social together then try a team sport such as mixed touch footy but if you are in desperate need of some alone time together than maybe rowing or hiking is more suitable.
Regardless of you and your partner's lifestyle, generally try and work some more physical activity into your life and change some of your lazy habits to active ones. Here are some specific tips to try:
  1. If you both commute to work together, leave earlier so you can walk some of the way.
  2. Do some active chores together each weekend such as gardening, cleaning the house or hand washing the car.
  3. Rather than sedentary down time together (eg reading or movies) try some activities that get you moving (eg bike riding and roller blading).
  4. Instead of driving to the local shops, cafes and amenities leave the car at home and walk there together.
  5. Train for a future fitness goal together such as a Fun Run or an active holiday (eg a skiing, cycling or hiking trip).
  6. Buy a dog (that you both want!) and exercise it together - everyday.
With a masters degree, Martha is an exercise scientist, university lecturer, scientific adviser, fitness editor, author and proud mother of her own fit kids. Martha;s career has taken her all around the world and she is without a doubt one of the leading experts in South Hemisphere.