Get Fit at Home

For many of us, getting to a gym is both financially unrealistic as well as a tad bit intimidating if you have been out of fitness for a while. Starting your fitness journey from home can be a great start to getting back into shape, and if it works for you – why bother joining the gym at all?

So you made the decision to get fit at home, What’s next?

There are 6 parts to ensuring you are successful in your fitness goals.

Gym Equipment: You don’t need to go and buy the latest cardio fihome exercisetness equipment. Start small. Use thick books as weights or whatever you can get your hands on that has some weight that you can hold / grip properly. As much as it’s great to save cash – you can injure yourself so if you can’t find anything that’s appropriate bite the bullet and get some light weights. For tips on how to use your furniture as gym equipment read Exercise tips at home

Activewear / Gym Wear: Invest in some decent activewear. No need to go buy a complete new wardrobe but a few well thought out items can make exercise a lot more comfortable. Wearing supportive activewear will also put you into an exercise mindset and keep you more motivated. If you wear plus size gym wear – ensure you wear gear that protects you from chafing.

Trainers: Wearing comfortable and supportive trainers is super important. You can cause damage to your knees, ankles and your entire body if you don’t have supportive footwear. If you can get fitted – there is a number of boutique stores that offer this service for free.

Sports Bra: Wearing an appropriate sports bra is extremely important for the health of your breasts. You can cause a lot of damage to the soft tissues of your breasts with not enough support. Get your sports bra fitted – it will be well worth it.

Nutrition: To get the most from your workout you need the correct fuel and hydration. Drinks loads of water and eat smaller fresh meals. Avoid processed foods (even if they market themselves as low fat) and rice / potato and other complex carbohydrates. The new less processed you will feel more energised, less sluggish and more positive about yourself which feeds your motivation to exercise.

Planning: Even working out at home can take planning. It’s all too easy to hit the couch and open a packet of crisps in front of your favourite TV series. Plan your exercise in advance. So you can plan around your favourite shows and your social calendar. Look to waking up 30 mins earlier in the morning if you can’t fit it in after work.

So don’t despair at the cost of a gym membership, you can get started today on your fitness goals!