Fitness 101 - Fitness Guide for Beginners

Author: Female For Life | 27 Sep 2011

You've decided it's time to start exercising. Congratulations! You've takenplus size activewear the first step on your way to a new and improved body and mind.


Exercise is not simply about fitness, toning and weight loss, it has been proven to improve arthritis, reverse depression, improve lung function and even some forms of heart disease

Of course, there's a catch. You actually need to do the exercise…yourself J. This doesn’t mean you have to go hell for leather in your first week or that you need to spend hours in the gym. There are different types and levels of exercise as there are different types and levels of fitness. It all depends on what your end goal is.

There are also different ways of looking at exercise. There is ensuring your exercise fits into your lifestyle. If you are an extrovert you could choose to join a running or walking group or do outdoor group training sessions.

You can choose to exercise for your mood. This can help you handle your stress better whilst having the added bonus of increasing your fitness levels.

If you are time poor you can look to put together a program for the little snippets of time you have available.

Just like with everything else in life it’s about doing it the smart way not the hard way.

Step 1: Regardless of what you decide to do as a beginner the first thing you need to make sure you monitor your heart rate. This is especially important if you haven’t done exercise for a long time (or ever). Make sure you speak to your doctor and find out about what your healthy heart rate range is when exercising and monitor it regularly throughout your work out.

Step 2: Next is you need to understand and evaluate your current fitness level. This will not only help you in deciding what exercise to do but also help you keep track of your progress.

Step 3: Set goals. Make sure the goals are clear, realistic, and concise so you can again keep track of your progress and make sure you are sticking to it. Without a plan its all too easy to get sidetracked.

Step 4: Action: This is the time when you get out of bed / off the couch, get into your activewear and get moving. This is your life, live it to the max!