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Author: Female For Life | 01 Feb 2015

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It's a fairly rough time of year for most of, getting back to work, the kids back to school and just generally getting used to being woken up by an alarm clock. With the Easter weekend feeling like its way too long away its easy to get down and find it difficult to get back into a healthy routine of fitness and clean eating.
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So what dose one do because crawling into a ball on the couch to watch the latest season of Homeland and a box of Mint Slices is not going to fly.

Fitness Resolution tip #1: Set goals
The key to keeping to resolutions is to view them as the end goal not the beginning. What I mean by that is that it is easy to make resolutions like "I am going to do a half marathon this year" or "I will lose 10kgs this year" but those are some fairly impressive goals, they don't help with the day to day living of life.
What you need to do is set up smaller, more achievable goals that can keep you positive and motivated like: "This week I am going to do at least 2 hours of exercise" or "I am going to only have a glass of wine 3 nights this week instead of 5" or "I am going to have salad for lunch at least 4 times this week".

Fitness Resolution tip #2: Keep a diary
Now that you have your smaller goals (try limit them to 3 a week) make sure you schedule them into your diary so you know they are locked in (and so does the family) and to make sure you are always prepared. Also ensure you schedule time in to prepare for your week. Salads don't materialise from air, you need to buy the ingredients beforehand so make sure you have time to go shopping beforehand.

Fitness Resolution tip #3: Make exercise opportunities
Struggle to get time in to exercise? There are ways to include exercise into any diary. Taking the kids to school? Leave a bit earlier to miss the traffic and park so that you have to walk to school. Use the time to catch up with the kids and get some exercise in for them too. If you commute to work, park the car further away, get off at an earlier bus stop, grab that extra 10-15 minutes in every day.

Fitness Resolution tip#4: Reward yourself but in the right way
When you keep to your goals, reward yourself in a way that helps you continue onto your next goal. Rewards are earned, so be honest with yourself, just because you have had a hard day doesn't mean you need a reward, keeping to your goals in a hard day does. Examples of great rewards are: going for womens sport pantsmassage to ease muscles after a workout, buying new comfortable womens sportswear that makes you feel proud and sexy or spending some alone time in a green space where you can breathe, think and relax. Make a list of rewards so when you deserve one you can easily choose a good one.

Fitness Resolution tip#5: Bring the team along
Becoming fit and even losing weight often requires a massive lifestyle change and a change in the way you and those around you think. If you don't bring those you love and spend your time with on your journey with you they could keep you back. If your hubby refuses to eat salad, try get him to understand what you are trying to achieve and find a middle ground. Get the kids involved in exercise, go for a short walk after dinner around the block instead of sitting in front of the telly. Ask your friends to join you on your walks.

Living a fitter more active life is the best thing you can do for your body. The benefits of exercise have been well documented from increasing your life span to being an important mood enhancer and and stress buster. So don't wait around, the new year is ahead and you are going to achieve so much!

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