Cant afford gym membership

Can't afford to join a gym, but want to exercise?

There are lots of ways to exercise by simply using the environment around you. Look for opportunities within your every day life to get a mini workout - it really does add up!
Start each day by putting on an imaginary "active cap" and apart from walking as much as possible, incorporate more and more of the following ideas into your every day life:
  • Do push ups onto the kitchen bench while you are waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Do sit-ups as you watch TV.
  • Do steps ups onto a stair during ad breaks.
  • Try toe taps as you clean your teeth.
  • Do heel raises as you send a text message.
  • If you have a choice in your home, use the bathroom furthest away.
  • Peg the clothes out one item at a time and power walk back and forth to the laundry in between.
  • Do a squat each time you reach down into the clothes/peg basket.
  • Elevate your clothes line so you great a really good full-body stretch each time you peg an item of clothing.
  • Walk to get the weekend papers instead of having them home delivered.
  • Avoid home delivered groceries; instead do smaller more regular shopping that you carry home (with an even weight in each hand).
  • Try bicep curls with cans of food or filled water bottles.
  • Do tricep dips using a chair.
  • Do your housework continuously and as vigorously as possible so that it becomes a daily cardio workout for you.
  • Walk around your house and/or garden whenever you are talking on the phone.
  • Spend 5min bouts throughout your day playing physically with the kids or a pet.