Exercise for wellbeing

Author: Female For Life | 11 Oct 2013

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Modern life is stressful. It sometimes feels like a full time job to just keep sane let alone eat healthily. During these times although finding the time to exercise can be tough, this is exactly when you need to make SURE you find time to exercise. So considering your time is already precious make sure you are doing the type of exercise that you can benefit the most from. And as always wear comfortable fitness clothing to make sure you are focusing on the exercise.

Beat the stress monster: Although any form of exercise will reduce your stress levels, some exercise forms also have the added bonus of calming the mind. These include: Yoga, tai chi and pilates due to their focus on breathing. Focused breathing is so powerful that many psychologists utilise the same breathing techniques to help patients with anxiety. There is also proof that doing yoga improves concentration, motivation and removes anxiety.

Shape me up: Ever heard of interval training? It’s been around for a few years now and the great news is you can do it with any form of exercise you like. The concept is to essentially have short bursts of energy within your exercise where you push yourself to the maximum. The factor is 2 to 1. Which is do 2 minutes of exercise at a steady pace and then do one minute for as hard as you can go. Initially you may want to do shorter periods of time (i.e. 1 minute to 30 seconds), and as your fitness improves you can increase the times.

I get by with a little help from my friends: Struggle to make time for your friends or looking to make new friends? Why not get involved with a team sport? From going for a walk, to tennis, netball and hockey, combine your social time with your exercise.

Them bones: Have a low bone density or worried about osteoperosis? The best exercises are those that are weight bearing. Essentially any exercise that builds bone strength is good. This includes walking, running, tennis, most team sports and of course lifting weights. So do a pump class or get some weights to use at home. If you are light on cash look to use heavy cans / jars of food you have in the pantry as weights.

Increase your metabolism and slow down ageing: As we age, our bodies tend to burn off less and less kilojoules, but much of this is due to the loss of muscle. So look to do resistance training to increase the muscle mass in your body and therefore increase your metabolism. Muscle burns fat so look to do circuit training, push up, squats, lunges dips and weight training and remember to train and target your main muscles groups which are in your legs and back.

So why not try one or all of these forms of exercise. Make them part of your daily life and social life. It will make you feel happy and healthy. As always make sure you exercise safely. Put weights away safely and remember to stretch afterwards and often. Also wear appropriate shoes and activewear to avoid postural problems and chafing.