Dance & Zumba your way to fitness

Author: Female For Life | 10 Mar 2015

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New Years Resolutions seem like a long way away now, but its not too


late to start looking at different ways to get fit and active. Going to a gym is not for everyone. Many women feel intimidated by the testosterone, heavy weights and young gorgeous girls strutting around in as little as possible.
A couple of weeks ago I went to my first Zumba class. I finally gave it a go after a friend of mine who I can safely say is OBSESSED with Zumba eventually pulled my arm hard enough!
But what is Zumba, does it give you a fantastic workout? Who is it for and how does it differ from traditional dance?
Zumba is an aerobic dance class set to latin american music. Classes are run in gyms, church and school halls all across Australia and those who attend regularly swear by its benefits:
  • It's a full body workout
  • It's great as a stress release
  • It's for all ages and stages - beginners always welcome
  • It's fun and social and a great place to meet an exercise buddy
  • It improves the strength of bones and therefore wards ff osteoporosis.


What I especially loved is that people dress up and wear fun and bight colours. Also people are at completely different levels of fitness and ability. No-one cares, everyone is there to have some fun and get a good workout. Mothers and daughters come together and women of all ages are laughing and smiling together.
Some things to keep in mind however is the importance of a warm up and a warm down especially in the colder months. Wearing trainers on wooden floors is very jarring on the knees so be careful. Also its easy to get overly excited and sway those hips just a bit too far. Take it in your stride and try not to get too caught up in the music and the atmosphere until you are fit enough a


nd strong enough to safely do all the moves.
So what about traditional Dance? After reading through a lot of articles it appears the benefits are the same for both Dance and Zumba. The difference is both the environment, the ease of finding a dance school and of course the music. Traditional dance school are less popular and also tend to have more structure. The positive of this of course is that the instructor is more likely to have a personal relationship with you and and therefore be able to guide you around movements and corrections here in zumba its a free for all with no corrections at all on posture. The negative is that its less convenient.
The music in Zumba is also incredibly fun and makes you want to move the moment you hear it.
Regardless of your choice, both forms of fitness offer a great way to get active, keep in shape and achieve your fitness goals for 2015!
What are you waiting for?


Renee Aland said on: 13th March 2015, 5:41am

Sounds like a Winter Brightner for those gloomy
days when its too cold to go for an early swim or too dark at end of day for a walk.
Will put Zumba on my to try list.
Thanks lots,

Jennifer said on: 18th July 2015, 1:03pm

Love my Zumba classes. Bought a pair of the Sunset pants with the top to match. Felt so much more confident getting out there on the dance floor. Who knew a pair of good pants could make such a difference :)

Barbara said on: 2nd August 2015, 4:39pm

Tried Zumba -great workout but hard on the knees