Bootylicious Bum Routine

Author: Female For Life | 09 Sep 2012

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Remember: It's always good to warm up before a workout so go for a walk around the block or on the treadmill before getting your booty into shape with this workout routine

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Stretch Name: Step Ups

Starting Position: Standing at the base of a standard sized step with your hands placed by your sizes you will be in a position to begin your step up exercise

Action: Start by lifting your left foot on to the step followed by your right foot until both feet are placed on the step. Once both feet are on the step lower your left foot back to the starting position on the floor followed again by your right foot to complete one repetition.

Muscles / Benefits: Lower body toning and cardiovascular health

Outfit: Cover Me Up and Beautiful Buttocks

glute stretch

Stretch Name: Glute Stretch

Starting Position: In a seated position on the floor place your hands behind your back for support. Place your left foot in front of you on the floor and then bend your knee to create a 45 degree angle. Finally place your right foot on top of the inside of your left knee.

Action: From this starting position you can now stretch the glute by pressing down on the inside of the right knee. You will start to feel a stretch in the glute as you move the knee closer to the floor.

Special notes: If at any stage you feel any pain in the knee stop

Muscles / Benefits: Relieves tight glutes and hips

Outfit: Bombshell and Double Trouble

Image 0951Image 0516Stretch Name: Squats

Starting Position: Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and feet slightly turned out.

Action: The best way to perform a squat is to imagine you’re about sit in a chair. As you lower your bum down towards the floor exhale (breathe out) and focus on sticking your bum out, back straight and heels flat on the floor. As your knees reach a position no greater than 90 degrees inhale (breathe in) as you straighten your legs to raise back up to the starting position.

Special notes: Breathing at the correct part of the exercise is very important as is making sure to keep your back straight and bum sticking out at all times.

Muscles / Benefits: Tone bum and strengthen legs

Outfit 1: Sportswear Top and Thigh Lover

Outfit 2 (Prenantal sportswear): Beautiful Wrap and Mum to Be

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Stretch Name: Rear Leg Rasies

Starting Position: Place your hands and knees on the floor making sure you have a comfortable and neutral back position.

Action: Start by switching on your core by tucking your belly button into your spine and then EXHALE (breathe out) as you raise your leg backwards keeping it a 90 degree angle. As your foot reaches the point where it faces towards the ceiling hold for 2 seconds and then INHALE (breathe in) as you lower it back down to the start position making sure to keep the 90 degree angle at all times. Repeat 10 times before changing legs

Special notes: Maintain a strong core and good technique when raising and lowering the moving leg.

Muscles / Benefits: Strengthening and Toning Bum, Legs and Core

Outfit: Yoga Body Suit

Image 1335Stretch Name: Lying Bridge

Starting Position: Position: Lying on your back with your arms out to your side, feet flat on the floor and knees bent.

Action: The aim of this exercise is to create a straight line between your knees and our shoulders by lifting your hips up towards the ceiling. Tuck in your tummy towards your spine to switch on your core and then exhale as you lift your hips towards the ceiling. Once you reach where you are in a straight line hold this position for 2 seconds before slowly lowering your hips back to the floor and then repeating.

Special notes: Keep your shoulders and feet flat on the floor at all times.

Muscles / Benefits: Glute toning and Core strength

Outfit: Running Riot and Simple 7/8

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