Best Exercises if you are plus size

Author: Female For Life | 18 Aug 2012

Exercising when you are in the plus sizes is much like exercising when you aren’t. You still need to get your head in the right place, get yourself off the couch and eat the right foods to fuel your new active lifestyle. However, the more you weigh the more pressure there is on your muscles, tendons and other bits so you there are probably a few exercises that are better for you than others (in the beginning) until you have developed some strength. So first things first, make a plan. Think about all the time you have free in the next month and plot your exercise slots in. If you are struggling check out our exercise plan and get some tips. Next what are the best exercises you should do?

Walking: Walking is a great form of exercise and the best thing is you don’t need to pay a gym, all you need is some comfortable activewear that wont rub and cause chafing and some supportive sportswear and sport bra and you are good to go. Plus walking you can do with your family, your friends, to and from work and you can save on petrol if you use walking as the way to get to and from the grocery store.
Yoga plus sizeYoga is quite simply amazing. It’s a great way to stretch your muscles and start developing some core strength. Yoga has a zillion benefits from building bone density to strengthening the immune system. Also because yoga is generally done in small classes and most yogi’s look to wear comfortable clothing these environments are often less intimidating that going other group fitness classes.
Aqua Jogging – doesn’t that sound like fun. The name says it all. Go down to your local beach / community swimming pool and get into the water. Then jog across the water. Water activities are particularly well suited for people who are heavy. But lap swimming takes time. You need to build your fitness and your breath, so aqua jogging is a great way to get the benefits of the buoyancy of water plus the benefits of jogging.
Strength Training
Strength training: The benefits of strength training are extensive for everyone. But for someone plus size who is heavier than usual, there are additional benefits. Strength training can help to correct postural issues that may arise from carrying extra weight and helps to increase the range of motion in all of your joints. Building muscle also helps to boost your metabolism when your body is at rest. If you are looking to lose weight then strength training should be a core part of your workout as when you build strength you increase your metabolism. So ...yes not only do you start getting definition.. you ultimately lose fat... er bonus!!! Just remember to ease your way into it. Take it slow and get results
Incidental Exercise: This is the stuff you do at home or during your general life that you can beef up to get some calorie burn. Things like walking up the stairs not taking the lift / escalator. Walking to work, housekeeping, gardening. Think about what you can do at home to increase your heart rate.

Always wear fabulous plus size clothing when working out. Feeling comfortable and confident goes a long way to keep you motivated.