Beginners Guide to Cycling

Author: Female For Life | 02 Sep 2011

Whether alone or with a bike buddy there has never been as a good a time to start cycling. Many cities around the world have created bicycle lanes for commuters as it’s cost effective and contributes to the greener environment.

Cycle pants

Recently there has even been a resurgence in the old style European bikes with baskets in the front for trips to the local growers market or supermarket.

But cycling isn’t just about the environment; it’s a great way to increase your fitness and strength levels including:

  • Improving overall cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthening the muscles in your hips, but, legs and stomach
  • Strengthening your arms, core and back muscles

It can also be a serious calorie burner depending on how fast or hard you go, indoors, outdoors, on a flat or uphill you can burn between 209 and 834 calories in 45 minutes. For the average female that means at a moderate to fast speed you can burn off approximately 1/3 of your daily intake of calories.

Cycling is a low impact sport, making it perfect for beginners to fitness and a great thing you can do with your kids and promote health for your family.

Convinced? What do you need to get started?

1) Go to a cycling speciality store and get advice on the best bike for what you have planned. It can be an expensive purchase so be sure to get advice to make the right decision

2) Get some really good quality headgear – safety first – enough said!

3) Shoes / Kleets. Getting a pair of kleets can make all the difference in your leg strokes and protect your knees. They tend to last really long and bicycles can often being fairly harsh on your trainers so better to keep them for walking and other activities.

4) Activewear. Getting some comfortable activewear is super important. A protective pair of cycle pants with a shammy is a good idea to protect your bits

This spring try something different and get on a bike J