Why people love Female For Life Activewear

Why People Love Female for Life Activewear

It’s all very well seeing beautiful clothes on models strutting their stuff, but what matters to us, is knowing that the people who buy our Female for Life activewear products really love wearing them too. Not only that though, we want to know that our apparel makes people feel good and make their lives more active and fun. Enjoy exploring our massive range of activewear, fitness clothing and plus size gym wear.​

So with that in mind, we rounded up some feedback from some of our customers and asked them to share their top picks with you. Over to them…

Mel Williams

I love the Simple 7/8 bottoms, plain leggings and Dot 3/4 Zip bottoms; all in black that are both stylish and comfortable and really high quality.

I like my exercise and leisure wear to be simple and sophisticated without a lot of fluro, and I get this from FFL. The way they’re cut also means that I don't constantly have to adjust my leggings, which lets me focus on my exercise. The cut, fit and colour of the products makes me feel trendy, relevant and confident to exercise.

I've been wearing FFL since the first year they launched: they fit well for curvy women and their high quality fabrics ensure everything stays where it should when you're exercising. I've worn my leggings all over the world! On the plane traveling long-haul flights, hiking up a 1600m high mountain to a hanging glacier in New Zealand, spin classes at my local Sydney gym, daily morning walks with my cavoodle Harley, canyoning in flooded green gorges in Oregon and hiking up rugged mountain faces in Yosemite.

Kathy Clarke

My absolute fave are the new Ana Ruga leggings… they are seriously the most comfy pants I have ever owned and I wear them everywhere – just yesterday I received the 2nd pair I ordered!

I’m also loving the lovely & loose workout tops. I used to wear oversized t-shirts to the gym and feel horrible every time I saw myself in the mirror. Now I can see how my shoulders are toning up, which super motivates me to lift more.

These clothes make me feel so much more comfy in the gym, as I can look the part and be a bigger girl. My personal trainer notices every time I wear something new and loves the leggings too! I don’t just wear FFL clothes at the gym, I also wear them for my cardio walks and bike rides and then I pretty much wear them all weekend and workdays when I work from home!

Erin Robertson

The Gym Pants and the Disco Diva Pants are my absolute favourite: 3/4 tights for both running and bodybuilding in the gym (I even have several colours of each!). I love the classy, unique designs and they are incredibly durable. They fit my body extremely well and the thick material has excellent figure smoothing capabilities. They are excellent for even the most demanding of gym exercises, and are definitely safe to squat in!

My favourite top is the Rio Babe, it is a quality top that fits just right. I get compliments quite often, ladies love the patterns which are subtle, but with a flare of colour. I'll often wear Female For Life clothing for any outdoor activities such as hiking, beach walks, and cycling.

Donna Stove

My faves are definitely my lounge pants. I wear them to dance but I've also dressed them up to smart casual for a couple of occasions. I also just wear them as everday gear too and I've definitely gotten a few compliments!

I've also just received the lounging comfort pants and they are already on my favourites list! My other favourite is my Pilates Style tee: I love the way it falls and it has also passed the dance test.

I wear my FFL clothes for dancing, walking, going shopping and sitting around at home.

As you can see, Female for Life activewear really does live up to the promise of being worn by every body, every day. Happy shopping!