Body Shapes and Body Types

Author: Female For Life | 07 Dec 2010

Female body shapes & body types - what are they?

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Ever wondered why some people can eat a whole chocolate cake and not gain a thing, while you seem to feel your bum growing just by looking at it? While this may seem an unfair mystery, it's actually due to differences in your genetic make up, which is a combination of both your body shape and your body type.

Your body shape is based on the size of your physical features and their relation to each other on your body, while your body type determines your body's ability to gain fat and muscle. In addition, certain exercise types are more effective if you're a particular body shape or body type.

Before you rush off to find out more about your body shape and body type and which exercise is best for you, keep in mind that you're already gorgeous just as you are (we feel a Bridget Jones moment coming on here). At the same time though, staying active is vitally important to your general health, because the healthier you are, the happier you are, and the happier you are - well, the happier you are!

Body Shapes

In most cases, you'll fall into one of four female body shape categories, or you'll be a combination of more than one:

  • Pear: A sexy bottom and a petite upper body
  • Apple: Beautifully bigger on your top half than your bottom
  • Ruler: Straight up and down
  • Hourglass: A well-proportioned top and bottom body with a narrow waist

Body Types

You'll generally be one of three female body types:

How do body shapes and body types correlate?

Body types, body shapes - how do you make sense of all of it? The nifty thing is that body types tend to correlate to body shapes, so it's not only about how you gain fat and muscle but also where you gain them (it's all rather scientific, isn't it?). The close link between body types and body shapes can help you find both the best diet and exercises that are healthiest for you.

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