What I Have to Say About Body Image

Author: Melanie Becker | 10 Jul 2013

I have recently hit my mid thirties and a couple of years back I accepted that I wasn’t IMG 6113 Copygrowing any taller, blonder or younger. My skin was only going to have more imperfections, my hair would only go greyer and my only opportunity to have bigger breasts was to get pregnant!

But the great thing about being older and wiser is that I actually don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to me to look good. I paint my nails, I get facials and I exercise regularly (I have a lot of fabulous gear), but the obsession of youth to dramatically slim down is gone. Hallelujah! What a relief!

But I haven't forgotten the insecurities of my youth, and how strangely they were (sometimes) celebrated by my partners and coveted (sometimes) by my friends. So... this article is to celebrate the imperfections that make women beautiful and unique. The imperfections that make YOU beautiful and unique.

Wide Hips / No Hips: Many women with wide hips hate them. However, the original hourglass shape of the 50’s embodied by Marilyn Monroe was revered. But this shape was until a few years ago more of an egg timer. Studies have shown that humans have evolved to find the contrast of wide hips and a slim waist to be sexually attractive and suggest reproductive potential. And for those of us with little or no hips, let’s be honest buying clothing is heaps easier. (Check out the Female For Life fitness clothing, hips or no hips, we have a style for you).

Small Breasts / Flat Breasts : So whats all the fuss about. Breasts must be the singular most focused on body part. Whilst tv commercials and popular media would make you think that all men love a voluptuous chest. This is however, not the case. Ask any of your male friends and each one of them will have a different opinion on size. In fact in the 1920’s when corsets were all the rage breasts had to be pinned down which was often painful and uncomfortable. Besides ask any big busted women will tell you how hard (and expensive) it is to find a good bra, never mind decent clothing to wear over it! Big or small – love them, they are the only ones you have J

Big Bum / No Bum: It is amazing and wonderful how many shapes and sizes these come in. My one side of the family has no bum and my other side of the family has a substantial bum. Needless to say each side of the family is envious of the other! From fashion walk models with boyish figures with no bums to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce who are idolised for their derrieres, a bum is a beautiful thing.

 L9T5866Too tall / too small: A friend of mine is 5.11 (180cm). She gets to eat more, she never has to shorten her trousers and when she gains 5 kilos you can’t even notice. My envy is ongoing. She however curses her height. Dating is tough and she is often unable to wear heels to avoid towering over her partner. Then I have a friend who is 5.1 (152cm) she is what men like to call “pocket sized”. Who the hell wants to fit into a pocket? Small women often complain of not being taken seriously. It’s also not the greatest when attending concerts or even movies, especially when there a taller person in the row(s) in front of you. But my mother always said dynamite comes in small packages.

Straight hair versus curls: Growing up having the straight hair look was considered chic (Jennifer Aniston) and elegant. Now virtually every movie star is trying to curl up (Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian). It’s almost like there has been a curl revolution.

So are you getting me ladies? Size, height, hair, the grass always appears to be greener. Besides you can’t control what you were born with, but what you can control is your attitude and the way you hold yourself. So be proud of your flaws, they are part of your unique beauty, ask any of your loved ones.

by Melanie Becker

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