Weeks 3 to 6 of the Love Your Body Campaign

Author: Female For Life | 16 Nov 2014

Female For Life Instagram CopyWe have been so crazy photoshooting for the new range we have been remiss in sending you the latest fitness motivation messages that we have been posting daily on Facebook and instagram.
Fans have said they are not seeing the messages in their feeds so if you are in need of the motivation, please make sure you follow us on instagram :) Our tag is FemaleForLife :)

These are the images we have loaded over the past few weeks, feel free to download them (right click, chooe save image), print and put on your fridge / mirror or wherever you need them :)

Motivation 13Motivation 14Motivation 15
Motivation 16Motivation 17Motivation 19
Motivation 20Motivation 21Motivation 22
Motivation 23Motivation 24Motivation 25
Motivation 26Motivation 27Motivation 28
Motivation 29Motivation 30Motivation 31
Motivation 32Motivation 34Motivation 35
Motivation 36Motivation 37Motivation 38
Motivation 38Motivation 39Motivation 39B
Motivation 41Motivation 42Motivation 43


Christina said on: 16th November 2014, 12:11pm

These have been so great for me. Is really struggle to keep motivated so thanks for sharing and making it so easy to download :)