Fitness Clothing - Fashion or Fad?

Wherever you look these days it appears fit is in! Gone are the images from the 50's with pretty housewives in pink polka dot dresses pouring over beautiful birthday cakes and knitting jumpers.

The cakes have been replaced by bio-organic yoghurts rich in acidophilus and other hard to pronounce bacteria. The knitting surpassed by medicine balls, yoga mats and other exercise paraphernalia. Even the dress has been replaced by fitness clothing.

Fitness clothing - fashion or fad?

If exercise apparel is the new "look" is your wardrobe prepared? Here is a list of some handy tips to help choose the right fitness clothing for both your body shape as well as your personality.

1) Choose colours that flatter your colouring: those with darker complexions can usually wear any colour. So be bold. Wear bright colours like yellow, hot pink and red. Lighter complexions are best to stick to more pastel colours like baby pinks, blues and purples. If in doubt go for blue - it looks great on everyone!

2) Pick styles that suit your shape: colours don't just add style to your fitness clothing, they also create the illusion of contours and definition. Ensure you choose styles where the colours surround (but do not accentuate) your "problem areas". So if you are a pear shape and feel self conscious about your thighs and bum then choose styles where the colours sit from your mid thigh to your knees and above your bum.

3) Be comfortable: its a bit of a no brainer but make sure your fitness clothing fits and the fabrics used are suitable for exercise. Cotton, despite what your mom tells you is NOT the only fabric to wear. It is a terrible idea for fitness clothing. It fades, pills, loses shape and tends to bunch sweat in inconvenient places. Ensure the fabrics you wear are quick drying, breathable and stay in place when you exercise. There is nothing worse than constantly having to pull up your pants.

4) Keep to a colour scheme: Initially getting good quality gear can appear to be expensive. You do end up saving in the long term because the gear lasts. So stick to colour schemes so you can keep wearing your gear until it is well and truly dead. Good fitness clothing won't fade or pill but dies after repeated washes and exposure to detergents degrades its elasticity.This means you can wear last season's gear with this seasons.

It's unfortunate that the 50's housewife dress isn't still in fashion it was quite cute really. But I for one hate knitting! :)